IFA exhibition Windows 10 and Microsoft gave a wave on a new PC

IFA exhibition Windows 10 and Microsoft gave a wave on a new PC

  Weifeng Web on September 7, Germany Berlin IFA 2015 has three days to end may everybody concerned is a hardware product, but as head of the software giant Microsoft also took part in this exhibition, so what did Microsoft do this exhibition? As you may have thought, the first event is to promote Windows 10 operating system, while Microsoft did not forget to help hardware partners show new products.

  Microsoft’s OEM Division Vice President Nick (Nick Parker) once again to talk openly about the new generation of Windows 10 operating system, and, in particular, that the momentum of the system is flourishing. “Our strategy is quite clear, is to build the best mobile productivity services, moving first, first. “Nick said.

IFA exhibition Windows 10 and Microsoft gave a wave on a new PC

  Perhaps because Windows 8 foul before the start, so now Microsoft Windows now quite satisfied with 10, and that the PC industry in general positive. According to the figures released by the Microsoft site, currently has more than 75 million devices running the Windows 10 operating system spanning 192 countries, more than 90000 a stand-alone device (Unique Device), “it’s just Windows 10 released a month, will get better in the future. ”

  Show Windows of 10 powerful side

  During the show, Microsoft staff laien·ailuopuxiu (Bryan Roper) shows a lot of Windows of 10 new features, including new personal digital assistant Cortana and Continuum in continuous mode, focus is on the latter, saying by Continuum models of Microsoft can put Windows 10 Tablet PC or smartphone into “PC”, when connected to a large screen display, can provide a complete desktop experience.

  IFA ahead, Nick took the lead with Taiwan manufacturers Acer show called the world’s first “Windows 10 PC phone”, called Jade Primo, one of the most important technical highlights is the Continuum and the use of generic application. Need to be aware of is that this is not a traditional desktop application, but to use the Adaptive dimension display device of universal application characteristic.

IFA exhibition Windows 10 and Microsoft gave a wave on a new PC

  Laien·ailuopuxiu also shows the Windows Hello security features, claiming that it is Windows based on biometric technology is by far the best feature, many PC offers specialized hardware supports this feature provides detection and brush for face recognition, fingerprint, Iris certification, now there are many.

  Partners in business

  Less software not hardware, Nick has also produced a series of most worthy of showing off Windows from partners 10 hardware. For example, only $ 169 for the field of education design the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook Lenovo IdeaPad 100s laptop and $ 228, the former is Cortana is equipped with 2 microphones, which thickness of only 9.9mm battery life of 12 hours. Moschino Samsung Galaxy case

Moschino Samsung Galaxy case

IFA exhibition Windows 10 and Microsoft gave a wave on a new PC

  For enterprise users, Nick also introduces some new products, including a Dell Latitude 11 50,002 equipment not issued, priced at $ 1249 HP Elitebook, the characteristics of two products are ultra thin, dual microphones, and with support for Intel vPro vPro technology products. On the platform there is a real product using the Windows Hello characteristic ThinkPad Yoga 26, integrated fingerprint sensors, prices start from $ 999. Windows Tablet computers, Microsoft is on display-Toughpad FZ-M1,8-inch screen for Panasonic’s three strong equipment, military certified protection standards.

  Nick believes that run a Windows machine will be growth of 10. So, on the platform we see Dell Inspiron 24 70,001 machine, he says the device is the future of the desktop. Another ASUS Zen AiO s-one, using a 24-inch screen, but the resolution reached 4K levels, while integrated Windows Hello characteristics, integrated 6 speakers and 4 microphones.

IFA exhibition Windows 10 and Microsoft gave a wave on a new PC

  In Microsoft Windows 10 laptop platform is a hodge-podge. Such as the HP Pavilion 15, equipped with Intel Core i3 processor is priced at $ 399, Nick claims that this book will become mainstream. Nvidia GTX 980 and another carrying significant independence, provide a water cooling system with dust and the Asus ROG G752 gaming notebook, Nick said more than one Windows 10 gaming notebook performance-enhancing. Another praised the “incredible PC” is Toshiba’s second super thin, because the book set a physical Cortana button integrated Windows Hello characteristics.

  In this IFA 2015 Conference, Microsoft also highlighted the Windows 10 will contribute to the field of Internet of things, including carrying Windows ATM automated teller machines and medical equipment. Nick shows Toshiba running Windows environment data logger is provided with 20 sensors, and provide up to 6 months of life.

IFA exhibition Windows 10 and Microsoft gave a wave on a new PC
IFA exhibition Windows 10 and Microsoft gave a wave on a new PC

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